Mycorrhizal Fungi in South America

Marcela C. pagano & mÓnico a lugo


Soil Fauna Assemblages: Global to Local Scales

Uffe N. Nielsen


Earth Matters: How Soil Underlies Civilization

Richard Bardgett


Soil Ecology and Ecosystem Services

Edited by Diana H. Wall, Richard D. Bardgett, Valerie Behan-Pelletier, Jeffrey E. Herrick, Hefin Jones, Karl Ritz, Johan Six, Donald R. Strong and Wim H. van der Putten


Fundamentals of Soil Ecology

David Coleman, Mac Callaham, D. Crossley Jr.

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The Ground Beneath Us

Paul Bogard

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Growing a Revolution: Bringing our soil back to life

David R. Montgomery


Dirt: The erosion of civilizations

David R. Montgomery


Microbial Ecology in Sustainable Agroecosystems

Tanya E. Cheeke, Portland State University, Oregon, USA; David C. Coleman, University of Georgia, Athens, USA; Diana H. Wall, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, USA


Energetic Food Webs: An Analysis of Real and Model Ecosystems

John C. Moore and Peter C. de Ruiter


Cosmopolitan Earthworms- an Eco-Taxonomic Guide to the Pergrine Species of the World

Robert John Blakemore, PhD


European Atlas of Soil Biodiversity


Soil biodiversity: functions, threats and tools for policy makers

Wim Van Der Putten


Global Soil Proverbs: Cultural language of the soil

Editors: Jae E. Yang; M.B. Kirkham; Rattan Lal; Sigbert Huber

soil carbon storage.jpg

Soil Carbon Storage

Editor: Brajesh K. Singh

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