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A global soil biodiversity data platform

An exploration workshop organized by the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative and EcoFinders


December 1, 2014

12:00 LUNCH

13.00: Welcome (Kelly S Ramirez, GSBI & NIOO)

13.10: Summary of sOILDIV (Mark St. John, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

13:25: “MACROFAUNA a data base of macroinvertebrate data” (Patrick Lavelle, UPMC Paris)

13:40:  “A proposed plan: towards a global soil biodiversity data platform” (Kelly S Ramirez)

14.00: Mini Presentations (no slides):

Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative (GSBI) – Tandra Fraser, Colorado State University

Edaphobase – David Russell, Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz

Earth Microbiome Project – Dorota Porazinska, University of Colorado, Boulder

Soortenregister – Matty Berg, University of Amsterdam

Eukaryotic phylogenetic database curation initiative – Laura Wegener Parfrey, UBC


Brief, roundtable presentations from remaining participants

14:30: Discussion: taxonomy and ‘soil’ parameters; Linking through the GBIF framework and other options (Led by - David Russell)

 15:00: Coffee break

15:30: Establish breakout groups to focus on 3-4 specific challenges 

16:00: Breakout groups to focus on specific challenges (Ideas: Parameters list/Taxonomy-Names/Sequences/Standards/Environmental Data/Traits, etc/Dealing with DAK-Grey-Dark data/GBIF framework/Global Platform (authorship)) Each group much come up with 1 pager- describing the challenge, proposed solutions, identify funding and other resources needed.

18:00: END


December 2, 2014

8:30: Resume breakout groups – Each group must come up with 1 pager- describing the challenge, proposed solutions, identify funding and other resources needed.

10:00: Coffee break

10:30: Presentation by each breakout group

11:30: Establish plan forward. Identify priorities for next workshop.


  1. Soil Parameters and Species List for GBIF
  2. Establish sequence working group leader
  3. Plan to release Dark and Grey data (to make it accessible)
  4. Working group to link data already ’available’
  5. Data storage

12:15: Kelly Concluding remarks

12:30: Lunch and End