Global Soil



Seeking to promote expert knowledge on

soil biodiversity into environmental

policy and sustainable land management

to protect and enhance ecosystem services



About the GSBI

The Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative is open to all those interested in developing a coherent platform for promoting the translation of expert knowledge on soil biodiversity into environmental policy and sustainable land management for the protection and enhancement of ecosystem services. The GSBI was launched in September 2011.



Why Soil Biodiversity?


Without soil biota, the soil resources as we know them would not exist.


Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas

The atlas is a reference publication on global soil biodiversity.

Coming Soon!

The Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas translations in Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese.


Soil BON (Biodiversity Observation Network)

Through the Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON), the GSBI together with the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) and a number of other global partners, have worked to establish a primer for a global soil biodiversity observation network (Soil BON). This operational network will be specified and deployed in the near future with an extended number of partners.


Meet the Founders

The GSBI is supported by five founding partner organizations.




The GSBI is pleased to announce the next Global Soil Biodiversity Meeting (GSB3) :

Dublin, Ireland

November 2021 






symposium on global soil biodiversity


The GSBI is hosting a symposium on global soil biodiversity priorities, opportunities, and challenges at the USA Ecological Society of America meeting in Louisville, KY on August 12, 2019





special issue in agronomy


Agronomy is announcing a special issue on the “Impacts of Agricultural Practices on Biodiversity of Soil Invertebrates.” The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2019.






Innsbruck nature

film festival


Accepting applications for “The Best Film on the Topic of Soil” and other nature and environment related documentaries






Soils4eu workshops


There will be two workshops held at the TERRAenVISION 2019 conference on 2 September 2019.




New Collembola resource


In the 3rd edition of the Encyclopedia of Caves




World soil day is

December 5, 2019



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