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  1. Kelly Ramirez, Netherlands
  2. Tandra Fraser, USA
  3. David Russell, Germany
  4. Mark St John, Canada
  5. Dorota Porazinska
  6. Chris Lauber, Switzerland
  7. Maarja Opik, Estonia
  8. Maria Tsiafouli, Greece
  9. Michael Heede, France
  10. Benjamin Pey, France
  11. Paul-Henning Krough, Denmark
  12. Matty Berg, Netherlands
  13. Laura Wegener Parfrey, Canada
  14. Patrick Lavelle, France
  15. Yukio Minamiya, Japan
  16. Toshiko Miura, Japan
  17. Nobuhiro Kaneko, Japan
  18. Tesfaye Wubet, Germany
  19. Guillaume Lentendu , Germany
  20. Pauline Mele, Australia
  21. Nabil Youdjou, Belgium
  22. *Diana Wall, USA
  23. *Wim van der Putten, Netherlands