Chapter 6: Interventions

As humans, and especially scientists, we tend to focus on “ringing the alarm bell” by pointing out the problems and threats to whatever we are concerned about. Furthermore, when we start thinking about solutions/interventions we tend to think in “black and white”, i.e. land sparing versus land sharing, organic versus conventional management, no-tillage versus conventional tillage. In this chapter, a plethora of possible solutions are presented, without favoring one versus the other to conserve soil biodiversity. The aim of the chapter is rather to show the different options that are available and show that all of them can help with restoring and conserving soil biodiversity; none of the options will do the entire job, but each of them have their role to play in this great challenge; they are all a “wedge to solve the problem”. In that sense, you as an individual can also do simple actions that help conserving biodiversity, e.g. composting your veggie scraps, appropriately recycle (i.e. not only plastic and glass, but also pharmaceuticals), etc. More individual actions are described in this chapter: check it out!

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